Washi+Performing Arts? PROJECT, 新着情報


Do performing arts save dying traditions? Last year, Futarikko Produce started “Washi (traditional Japanese Paper)+Performing Arts? Project” in Kochi prefecture. The premise of this event is to broaden the possibility for Washi paper as an art and to rediscover Washi through interactions between people in the Washi industry and performing artists who are active inside and outside of their respective countries.

This year, Futarikko Produce invited Ryu Suzuki, a rising dancer/choreographer, who is based in Tokyo. He directed and choreographed a piece called “ON A WINDY DAY” with performers from Kochi and Kagawa, and the piece was premiered in Kochi at the end of August.

Now, we are going to present it in Tokyo in October. We will be pleased to have a chance to welcome you at the performance.


Website for “ON A WINDY DAY”:


Promotional Video:


Graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. He appeared in productions by Phoenix Dance Theatre, Rambert Dance Company, Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Inbal Pinto/Avshalom Pollak, Tero Saarinen, Tristan Sharps, Motoko Hirayama, Ryohei Kondo, Kenta Kojiri, Kimiho Hulbert, Mari Natsuki, Tategata Hirokazu and many others. As a choreographer, he started creating his own work in 2011 and has created many works. He received The Third Session Best Award in 2014 for his solo work Agnus(2013).


Washi+Performing Arts? Project Vol.2

Oct 8th
16:00* & 19:00
*Post performance talk
Box office opens 30mins before the show starts.
Our running time will be approx. 1hr.

3000yen in advance
3500yen at door

Kagurazaka Session House, Tokyo

Yoichi Kanazaki, Ryu Suzuki, Kanako Yamamoto and Ayumi Hamada

To reserve
Please email us at Futarikkoproduce@gmail.com
Or call 090-9775-9504




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